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January 1, 2017

New updates and the long-awaited mobile release coming soon! Get ready for our events system, new world types, iOS and Android versions, gameplay updates and more in 2017


Can you believe it, Sire? Another year has passed and we are about to enter a new era in Stronghold Kingdoms. This calls for celebration! Not only for what you have experienced and achieved in 2016, but also for what is coming in the near future. You and your allies have bravely battled the Wolf on hostile new grounds, sailed the stormy seas of Island Warfare and even taken full control over the future of your Kingdom by closing down iconic siege grounds. We raise our cups to you!


Contest System

One of the most requested features of 2016 is soon coming to a Stronghold Kingdoms world near you! Well, all Kingdoms worlds, actually. Expanding on Quests and Achievements, a new contest system will feature regular, short term challenges that pit all players of a world head to head in a race for prizes. Covering all gameplay aspects of Stronghold Kingdoms, this will be your chance to shine as either the fiercest warlord, craziest forager or most diligent farmer of the day! More information will follow prior to launch later this month.


Worldwide Mobile Release

Stronghold Kingdoms for iOS and Android has been thoroughly tested and vetted by a select few Lords and Ladies and is now eagerly awaiting to be unleashed unto the phones of player all around the world. With only a few tests and touch-ups to go, we are happy to announce that the days before release are numbered and soon you too will be able to defend your castle and lay siege to enemies wherever you go! Where will you take your Kingdom? Which new countries will you conquer on your journeys?

Pre-register now and boost your mobile adventure with a free Baron Beginner’s Bundle!


Feature Requests

The future of Stronghold Kingdoms isn’t written in the stars, it is written in your feedback! Based on the ideas and requests brought to us through the forum, Facebook, Twitter and mails, we have put together a rich list of new features to present in 2017. Start planning where you’d like to move your Town Hall, prepare to mark enemies and allies with a wider range of diplomatic relations, stay better informed about your vassals and much more! Still got an idea or request you’d like to see in the game? Share it with us and the community for a chance to be part of Stronghold Kingdoms’ evolution.


New Worlds

For the first time in Kingdoms’ history, players have taken full control over the fate of their worlds by entering the Final Age. With some worlds closing their gates forever and rewarding those that have fought bravely during its lifetime, we are looking forward to opening up new opportunities for fame and glory. Alongside fresh worlds of existing maps, 2017 will introduce completely new territories and special worlds with their own unique gameplay experiences.

We wish all Lords and Ladies a great start into this new year and we look forward to bringing even more excitement, joy and battle ferocity to your Stronghold Kingdoms experience in 2017. May the journey begin!

Winners Revealed

December 20, 2016

We are now proud to announce the winners of this year’s Stronghold Kingdoms Christmas shields more...

Winners Revealed

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December 20, 2016

We are now proud to announce the winners of this year’s Stronghold Kingdoms Christmas shields

The Festive  season is upon us, with Christmas around the corner and the New Year right behind it. Between our winter update and your fabulous Christmas shields spread all over the lands, the spirit of Christmas is definitively at its greatest in Kingdoms.

We are now proud to announce the winners of this year’s Stronghold Kingdoms Christmas shields. From warrior snowmen to Santa’s Sleigh in the winter sky, It has been a hard decision given the hundreds of fantastic coat of arms received over the past week. As such we would like to thank each and every one of you for your incredible work. Each shield we’ve received was distinctive, inventive, thrilling, but there can only be four winners…


Congratulations to DragonBlanco, Excommunication, Sandman mr & Mookito! Their Christmas Shields demonstrate a tremendous level of creativity, design and  festive spirit in the land of  Kingdoms. To reward DragonBlanco, Excommunication, Sandman mr & Mookito’s heraldic skills we’re giving them our festive Christmas Shields prizes:


  • 5 x Random Card Packs
  • 2 x Super Random Card Packs
  • 2 x Ultimate Random Card Packs
  • 1 x 7-Day Premium Token


Didn’t win this time? Be sure to Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter, we’ve got a lot more competitions and giveaways planned for Stronghold Kingdoms, as well as our monthly shields of the month competition. So stay tuned for further announcements and don’t miss out on the next chance to win in our competitions. But for now, Happy Holidays!


Winter Update

December 1, 2016

Time Limited Event! Log in daily for your chance to win Card Packs, Wheel Spins and up to 11 unique festive shield charges more...

Winter Update

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December 1, 2016

client_12_16_updateTime Limited Event! Log in daily for your chance to win Card Packs, Wheel Spins and up to 11 unique festive shield charges

Sire, our Scouts are reporting that resource stashes have been beautifully wrapped during the night! With this festive gesture and the thick layer of snow that now covers the Kingdoms landscape we can only assume Christmas is near… This means it is once again time for the beloved advent calendar!


Advent Calendar

Packed to the brim with fantastic prizes the Kingdoms Advent Calendar will once again run until December 26th, showering players with Card Packs and Tokens every day in the run up to Christmas. So make sure you log into the client once a day and open a calendar door (or two!) for YOUR chance to win the following prizes:

  • Ultimate Random Card Packs
  • Super Random Packs
  • Random Packs
  • 7-Day Premium Tokens
  • Army Packs
  • Defence Packs
  • Industry Packs
  • Food Packs

Was your first door empty? Then take another shot! Every player who fails to win on their first attempt is allowed to open a second door for a second chance to win. The Kingdoms advent calendar is now live and runs until its final day on December 25th, when all players who log in and open a door are guaranteed a prize!


Christmas Stashes

Want more than one present per day? Then jump into your favourite game world and play! We’ve been busy wrapping up all resource stashes in-game, with the first Scout to reach a wrapped stash allowed to open the present and claim what’s inside. With the Kingdom covered in snow, think of this as our way of spicing up the regular resource stash gameplay with a few surprises. If that isn’t enough to motivate your Scouts to fight their way through the cold, some stashes will even give out bonus Wheel Spins!

Please Note: In-game snow is purely cosmetic and does not affect gameplay in any way. It can also be turned off in your settings, just in case you get too cold!


Excusive Charges

Do you like exclusive, time-limited events that give you unique cosmetics for playing? Good! Simply log in once a day to collect Christmas ‘stamps’ and you’ll unlock the snowflake, Santa’s beard, candy canes and Christmas lights! Gain access to all eleven shield charge designs and create the ultimate Christmas coat of arms.

Missed a day? Don’t worry! You have until January 1st to unlock missed stamps with the help of a few Crowns.


Time Limited Event

While the advent calendar doors will only available until December 26th, both stamps and the new in-game Scout stashes will remain active until January 1st 2017! We hope you enjoy the new update and look forward to the upcoming release of Stronghold Kingdoms on iOS and Android.


Happy Holidays!

Pre-Register Now

November 9, 2016

Claim your ‘Baron’s Beginner Bundle’ of card packs, points, tokens and shield charges at launch! Be the first to join new worlds and pre-register today more...

Pre-Register Now

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November 9, 2016

555Claim your ‘Baron’s Beginner Bundle’ of card packs, points, tokens and shield charges at launch! Be the first to join new worlds and pre-register today

Baron’s Beginner Bundle

With a closed alpha now underway the launch of Stronghold Kingdoms on iOS and Android is finally approaching! As we announced at Gamescom, all players who pre-register for the upcoming mobile version of Stronghold Kingdoms will be receive a free ‘Baron‘s Beginner Bundle‘ when the game launches on their platform of choice. So don’t miss out!

Powerful card packs, research boosts and tokens are on offer to accelerate your Kingdom’s expansion and establish your reign over new game worlds as Stronghold Kingdoms rolls out on mobile platforms. Be quick! With the worldwide mobile launch fast approaching only the fastest Lords and Ladies will secure their bundle of treasure.

By signing up today you will receive the following in-game content at launch:

  • 15 Random Card Packs
  • 2 Research Packs
  • 2 Exclusive Packs
  • 200 Card Points
  • 4 x 7-day Premium Tokens
  • 2 Exclusive Shield Charges

Click Here to Pre-Register!


Please Note: This free bundle for pre-registration has been renamed from ‘Kingmaker Starter Pack’ to ‘Baron‘s Beginner Bundle’ to avoid confusion with the existing Kingmaker Humble Bundle code from earlier this year. If you have already pre-registered for a ‘Kingmaker’ pack you do not need to do so again!


Get Instant Updates!

Be the first to join new worlds! By pre-registering you will not only be the first to receive news of the game’s launch on the App Store and Google Play, you’ll also receive invites to upcoming titles and free giveaways. Stay updated on all Stronghold Kingdoms events, get exclusive subscriber-only loot and receive invitations to closed alphas for future Firefly games.

Heretic World

November 1, 2016

Temporarily closed due to high demand. Stay tuned for updates and secure your place in the fight against The Wolf’s band of Heretic Lords! more...

Heretic World

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November 1, 2016

map-europe_shk_clientTemporarily closed due to high demand. Stay tuned for updates and secure your place in the fight against The Wolf’s band of Heretic Lords!

Temporary Closure

Following the onrush of Lords and Ladies into the lands of Heretic, the game world has been temporarily closed due to overpopulation. While Heretic is currently unavailable to new players until a sufficient number of slots open up, we will of course reopen the world in due course.

Expect an announcement either via this news feed or our social media pages on Facebook and Twitter when this happens.




Facebook Giveaway

Word of our new game world has spread like wildfire, bringing over five thousand eager Lords to the shores of a medieval Europe occupied by the nefarious Wolf. As hundreds of former paragons turn heretic and join The Wolf’s faction, we’ve picked 50 lucky winners on Facebook! Hero or heretic, these Lords and Ladies have helped spread the news of the world’s arrival and as such are each being awarded more than $30 of in-game items.


Each winner (listed below) has received the following:

  • 5 x Random Packs
  • 5 x Super Random Packs
  • 5 x Ultimate Random Packs
  • 1 x 30-day Premium Token


HAWKWINTER, Zasc SRB, Mateuzz, Harth0r, Sodner, Esdron, Imioniuas, stevieg4444, Lemonek, geobebero, Julian112, coam18, Dawis12, drakensilencer, Thrawn Fel, Sweetleaf420, Bernado1, GIDEOND, LordKaiserlik, Mackeah, lordbobafett, CraZyZz38, king_porus, Darknessbeloved, Baka Perv, TheFredPwns, Reefor, miky92, YuGoD DarkLord, Sly Ferrett, Saxon vlad, Thomsentime2, pierpaolo78, TeLobster, Princess Mara, kinwallace, Elektra70, KokaFreak, Dominoday, Taker-Time, kenetp, iocanto, Eomart, WojtekWojtkowski, karre217, Spar-hawk, BBoyGadoMix, DeCry5Ter, Gagastile, BrianBoru943



Heretic World

How could we have let this happen?! We have repelled the raid on our beloved British Isles, only for The Wolf and his henchmen to spread their evil influence across the seas and throw all of Europe into chaos. The people of Europe are counting on you to save them but remember…Those fighting bravely by our side in ‘Heretic’ could betray us at any minute!



As it stands The Wolf, The Pig, The Snake and The Rat have control over 33 countries across Europe. We must unite with our neighbours and retaliate, taking back these lands parish by parish. To strengthen our bonds as we fight for freedom we have been assured of one thing. Lords may only attack those sworn to The Wolf and his compatriots, including any from our side who turn heretic by joining his faction. Visit the Wiki to learn more about the differences between Heretic and our previous campaign, Rise of The Wolf.




Special Shield Charge

October 28, 2016

Help us celebrate and ward off evil spirits! Unlock a spooky timed-exclusive shield charge for your in-game coat of arms more...

Special Shield Charge

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October 28, 2016

shk_halloween_2016_giveaway_shk_clientHelp us celebrate and ward off evil spirits! Unlock a spooky timed-exclusive shield charge for your in-game coat of arms

There is talk of monsters, Sire! Our peasants report wispy spirits, gremlins and witches scurrying around our towns late at night. This is likely just a figment of their imagination, the poor and stupid becoming increasingly superstitious at this time of year. We do not believe in such things of course, but just to be safe I’ve prepared a special charge for your coat of arms!

To unlock the time-limited Halloween charge simply open your account settings and redeem the following spooky code:


We must scare them away, my Lord! I am confident this special charge will send shivers down any monster’s spine and protect your House from tiny pillagers.


Please Note – The Halloween shield charge is a time-limited event! You must redeem the above code before 10am GMT on November 1st to claim your pumpkin coat of arms design.


New Game World

October 24, 2016

Launching this week, Heretic invites you to unite against The Wolf or join him! Crusade with fellow players or go heretic and team up with the AI more...

New Game World

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October 24, 2016

shk_heratic_clientdateLaunching this week, Heretic invites you to unite against The Wolf or join him! Crusade with fellow players or go heretic and team up with the AI

Following his raid of our beloved British Isles, The Wolf and his henchmen have retreated across the seas… Only to bring Europe under their reign of terror! Our allies are pleading for you to save them, however we must be cautious. My spies tell us The Wolf has plans to recruit allies from within our own ranks and dismantle our forces from within!


Gameplay Changes

Based on your feedback from Rise of The Wolf we have made a range of gameplay changes and adjustments for Heretic, our second PvE AI world and the first to feature Europe. In addition to a dynamic Faith Point cap that increases with every slayed AI, Heretic introduces a new twist on the PvE gameplay found in Rise of The Wolf by giving players the freedom to choose which side they fight on.


Will You ‘Go Heretic’?

In Heretic players will choose between battling against The Wolf and his men or turning to the dark side, betraying fellow players by joining The Wolf’s faction. Will you fight against The Wolf or turn Heretic and wreak havoc by attacking fellow players? After swearing their allegiance to The Wolf, a heretic player will only be able to attack non-heretic players. Just remember that, while any player Rank 7 (Bondsman) or above can turn, once you go heretic there’s no turning back!


Kill Streaks

Heretic also introduces a new ‘kill streak’ feature, which stacks as you capture or destroy AI villages within a given period. The allocated time until your current streak ends increases with each defeated AI, with the boost varying depending on the type of AI defeated. As your kill streak increases you will be rewarded with an Honour production boost, extension to your Faith Point cap and a higher chance of receiving additional wheel spins for AI kills. In recognition of the most efficient AI slayers a new Kill Streak section will also be added to the in-game leaderboard.


New AI Castles

As a final addition several new AI castle designs will be introduced with the update when it goes live this Thursday. Designed to provide an intermediate level of challenge for all Kingdoms players, each AI will gain one or two new designs. These will appear across all game worlds providing a fresh challenge for players familiar with existing AI defenses.


Heretic opens this week on Thursday October 27th at 14:00 GMT.

Cloud Save Update

October 21, 2016

Cloud Save Update

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October 21, 2016

shk_hteaser_clientAccess finely-tuned troop formations and castle infrastructures from anywhere with cloud saves!


New Update

In response to popular request we have released a new Stronghold Kingdoms update, adding cloud saving functionality for attack formations, castle infrastructure and troop placement. Lords and Ladies who wage war from work, boost their castles defences on the road or scout their enemies at family functions can now access their favourite presets from any machine!

While the previous system required manual duplication of formations and castle structures, the new cloud saving options allows for access to five formations from anywhere. At this time cloud saving is only available on PC, although it will soon be added to the Mac version of the game.


New Game World

A message from your scribe:

Speaking of clouds… Our scouts report the dark skies over the British Isles caused by The Wolf and his allies are shifting over to the peaceful mainland of Europe! If this is a sign of things to come you may be called upon to protect these lands from Duc Volpe’s forces.

We will know more soon, but early reports indicate that The Wolf’s forces are moving far to the south east. This could mean we have saved the British Isles, but that our enemy has set his sights on a far bigger prize! I fear these new lands would be more treacherous than what we are used to, with enemies on all sides and maybe even within our own ranks!

Give me a few days to work with our spymaster and gather more information, we expect to have first-hand reports and sightings by the start of next week…

New Steam Edition

September 15, 2016

New Steam Edition

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September 15, 2016


Stronghold Legends re-releases on Steam with new multiplayer support, Steam workshop, exclusive maps and more!

It’s time to hatch your dragon, sire! Dive into a world of medieval folklore filled with dragons, witches and wizards in a truly legendary Stronghold game. Stronghold Legends: Steam Edition takes the beloved castle building series and plunges it into myth and legend with three unique factions and 24 story missions. Now remastered with new Steam-exclusive content, it is the definitive version of the unique fantasy RTS.



Thank you to everyone who participated in the launch celebration of Stronghold Legends: Steam Edition! We have selected 50 lucky winners to receive these valuable ingame prizes:

  • 5 x Random Card Packs
  • 5 x Super Random Packs
  • 5 x Ultimate Random Packs
  • 1 x 30-day Premium Token

Congratulations to the following winners:

GaWaLi, razvymacyo, Myst2429, JoyfulNoiseMagic, schleifhex666, Stronghold_King, XxKiriixX, Ethelon, Vikinggg, MANYACARAJO, GARAGAN, sumpfi123, Mikel182, staffofmoses, Dark-Sidious, You-Only-Live-Once, JumperRun, MisterBean3112, isot2002, intex171823, Sir_Zygmunt, Duterte, Drragoco, Flammifer, Superspeeder114, MrA123, MAD MAX III, Lourd Edward, ddmckmle, suilujsuiluj, RexeR2233, ChefMichy, Eragonia, bolz00, petarjukic, oldPOPEYE, beast132, apheex, Blutzeuge, Purple Doodlebug, Brutalizer II, kamruzzaman, Lady Nickel, PHATROCCO, The Fighting Force, bargoucentre, GreatGadon, lordsith54, Ragnar686, schulz95

If you are one of the lucky winners, the prizes have automatically been added to your account.



Launch Discount

Out now with 15% off on Steam, Stronghold Legends: Steam Edition comes with full Steam multiplayer, achievements, new maps, a digital art book, trading cards and all DLC campaigns. This new version also updates Legends with full Steam Workshop support! Sculpt an icy tundra to wage war on, create a scorched earth battleground using the evil terrain type or conjure up a magical kingdom fit for King Arthur himself.


Already own Stronghold Legends on Steam? Then simply launch the Steam client and enjoy the additional features after updating to the new version for FREE!

House 17 Triumphs

September 5, 2016

House 17 Triumphs

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September 5, 2016

shk_fa_client_newsIn memory of World 4 we honour the victors and reveal a special prize for players on all worlds!

Read our Interview with House Marshall grudge319!

World 4 Ends

In the fastest Age completion in Stronghold Kingdoms history, the unstoppable House 17 of World 4 conquered all 150 Royal Towers in less than a week! With all towers under control of ‘The Insane’ grudge319 made the toughest decision a House Marshall can ever make, to end the world and bring peace to a land torn apart by endless combat.

Players of World 4 may still enter the world and view their Kingdom. They will be given an overview of their personal stats, achievements and those of all other players, however they will not be able to interact with the world. While villages, research and achievements must be left behind on World 4 all cards, Crowns and allies can be carried into any other game world. The players of World 4 now have more than 20 live worlds to choose from, each offering a new chance to rise to the top, forge life-long friendships and build a mighty Kingdom. Make a power play on Global Conflict, save your armaments for future worlds or join forces with House 10 on Mondo 1, which has just entered the Sixth Age!



What Next?

With such a swift end to the Final Age, we are once again humbled by the skill and determination of Kingdoms players worldwide. Reading your feedback in the forums and on social media, we will work to create an even better gameplay experience for the next world that enters its Final Age. To thank all players for their input, spreading the news on social media and to celebrate this historic milestone, we have created a redeemable code containing free card packs and a 7-Day Premium Token:


To redeem the code simply run Stronghold Kingdoms, log in and enter the code at the bottom of the ‘Account Details” screen.



Final Age Prizes

Please Note: The below players have already received their Final Age prizes and we are aiming to add the Ultimate/Gold tier shield charges prizes in our next client update.



House 17 (The Insane) – Pressed ‘The Button’ and amassed the most Glory Points:

  • 4k Card Points
  • 30 Research Packs
  • 20 Ultimate Random Packs
  • 30 Super Random Packs
  • 40 Random Packs
  • 100 Expert Chivalry Cards
  • 3 30-Day Premium Tokens
  • 2 Unique Shield Charges (Coming Soon)



House 4 (The Farmers), House 5 (The Navigators), House 6 (The Free Folk) and House 9 (The Rams) – Ranked between second and fifth in the Glory Race:


  • 3k Card Points
  • 5 Research Packs
  • 10 Ultimate Random Packs
  • 20 Super Random Packs
  • 30 Random Packs
  • 3 30-Day Premium Token



All Other Players – Ranked Prince or Princess with a village at world end:

  • 2k Card Points
  • 5 Research Packs
  • 5 Ultimate Random Packs
  • 10 Super Random Packs
  • 20 Random Packs
  • 3 30-Day Premium Token



New Worlds!

Additional game worlds will open in time, with several new worlds and world types in active development and scheduled for release this year. For now we can say that many of the new worlds we’re planning won’t simply be new versions of existing maps.

We’re looking to introduce fresh gameplay with some worlds, new maps with others or simply provide untouched battlegrounds as old worlds are closed by players. New versions of existing worlds can also be expected when we launch our iOS and Android versions, which enter closed beta next month.


Now Live

August 31, 2016

Now Live

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August 31, 2016

enUpdate brings new PvE gameplay, mechanics and in-game loot to World 4 – Share the news for free card packs!


Facebook Giveaway

To celebrate our latest free update for Stronghold Kingdoms we’re giving away the following bundle of prizes to all players, provided you can help us hit 5,000 Likes on Facebook!


Here’s what you can win:

  • Super Random Pack
  • Army Pack
  • Defence Pack
  • Industry Pack
  • Food Pack
  • Premium Token (7-Day)

To enter simply follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the Stronghold Kingdoms Facebook page.
  2. Like the ‘Final Age Now Live’ post by clicking ‘Like’.
  3. Wait for the post to reach 5,000 Likes.
  4. Check the client news feed for your code!


The code will be posted in an updated version of this news post when we reach 5k Likes. Good luck!


The Final Age

The fate of World 4 is now in YOUR hands… Will you wreak ultimate havoc and reap your prizes or will you fight for its existence for years to come?



By winning the Sixth Age Glory Race, House 17 are the first ever to delve a game world into its Final Age and put it straight on the path to ever-lasting peace. Closed to new players joining the world, World 4 becomes the ultimate test of team play, strategy and the will of its players. Unlike any age change before, the Final Age introduces a completely new and unique gameplay: the fight for Royal Towers.

Starting with 150 Royal Towers distributed randomly across the world map, players must capture the towers for their Houses in order to activate the new ‘End World’ button. Featuring various beloved AI-castle designs, Royal Towers can only be attacked with captains and must be captured to change hands. When a player manages to capture a tower, the tower will be accredited to the player’s House and the castle is rebuilt. Should the capturing player not belong to a House, the Royal Tower will become neutral.

With every new Glory Round, Royal Towers are re-distributed around the map and their total number decreases by 10 until only 20 are left. Once any single House is in control of all Royal Towers simultaneously, the House’s Marshall may press the ‘End World’ button and bring the world with all its armies, villages and players to a halt.

When a world ends, its players are rewarded with plentiful in-game treasures to assist their rise to power on other game worlds. For a complete list of prize packages, ruleset changes and Royal Tower details, check out the official Stronghold Kingdoms Wiki.

New Mobile Trailer

August 17, 2016

New Mobile Trailer

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August 17, 2016

shk_gameplay_trailer_client_previewExcited about playing Stronghold Kingdoms on mobile? Watch our first gameplay trailer and pre-register for free cards!


Ever since announcing our plans to redesign Stronghold Kingdoms for mobile devices you have been asking to see the game. Now that we’re entering the final stages of development it’s time for us to reveal all! In the run up to Gamescom Lords and Ladies have flooded our inbox with requests for updates on the project, so today it makes us very happy to reveal the first in a series of Q&As, trailers and development updates!


Gameplay Footage

You wanted to know exactly what the new mobile version looks like and now that we are finally nearly release it’s time to show you! While we demo and play the current build with press at Gamescom, we want to share those same insights with you directly, giving you your first look at the game with our first gameplay trailer:



We’re Almost There!

With over 5 million registered players on PC and Mac, our mission on mobile has been to create a new version of the game for iOS and Android that meets your expectations. We want to give you the full Kingdoms experience on mobile with no concessions, meaning it’s not just another companion app! We’re close to achieving that now, with just a few final changes and of course testing, testing and more testing before we’re able to launch. Our first closed beta will take place in the next month or so, helping us tweak the game with your feedback before putting it into soft launch in one country, ahead of the global launch soon after. Want to know more? Then check out out Gamescom Q&A:



iOS vs. Android

As you may remember we first announced Stronghold Kingdoms for iOS, before confirming the development of an Android version soon after. As Android users ourselves we hear you loud and clear and we are striving to release both versions of the game as close to each other as possible for our small studio. While the exact release dates for iOS and Android are still unconfirmed, as the above video shows we are actively developing both versions with our focus on a single release window.


Free Card Packs

Can’t wait? You can be the first to know, secure an early spot on new worlds and even get free card packs by pre-registering! Get notified by email, have immediate access to the game at release and receive a ‘Kingmaker’ Starter Pack containing plenty of powerful cards:



Please Note: The iOS/Android ‘Kingmaker’ Starter Pack can be redeemed on accounts that have already redeemed the Humble Bundle Kingmaker pack.


And There’s More to Come

We know you still have lots of questions, so our mission over the course of the next few weeks will be to keep you as updated and informed as possible. Please look out for more gameplay footage, developer diaries and updates as we enter closed beta and soft launch.


So if you weren’t around to ask questions during our live stream and still have unanswered queries don’t panic! Simply tweet us, leave a comment on YouTube or Facebook and we’ll work this information into future video updates.